Amy Schiappa Master Hairstylist NYC. Owner of Fringe Salon NY & BK. Top NYC hair salon specializing in live-in hairstyles and balayage hair NY.

Amy Schiappa

Proud owner of Fringe NY and a master stylist, Amy draws on a lifetime of working in salons to create a space where people combine fashion, art and style through hair. Her one-of-a-kind approach has led to her being featured as one of NYC’s top stylists in multiple media sources including the New York Times. She has a keen eye for design and keeps her clientele in the know, collaborating with them to create amazing haircuts and colors that fit their personality, lifestyle, and image. Instagram

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Christine Morris popular hairdresser NYC. Visit Christine at Fringe Salon NY for hand-painted highlights, bang trims, and natural ready-to-wear styles. Fringe is a top balayage salon in the LES.

Christine Morris

Originally from New York, Christine didn’t have to travel far to find Fringe, where she immediately discovered a kinship of shared style. After a two-year apprenticeship, acquiring advanced training under master cut-and-colorists, Christine joined Fringe stylists and began creating natural, ready-to-wear styles. Whether it’s hand-painted highlights or a bang trim, Christine gives careful attention to every cut and color. Christine’s easygoing demeanor and good humor have made her a popular stylist with a growing clientele.

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Lundy: artist and hairdresser NYC. Visit Lundy at Fringe NY — hair salon Lower East Side Manhattan specializing in lived-in cuts and balayage..


With an eye for color and a thirst for transformation, Lundy collaborates with each client to create a style that makes them feel beautiful and expresses their individuality. After earning her degree in art and painting, Lundy brought her creative skills to the study of cosmetology at Arrojo Studio; she then joined Fringe as Amy Schiappa’s apprentice for two years. With an edgy style and bubbly personality, she is ready to rock your next look. Instagram

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Joe Calcagno

A native New Yorker with a “considerate chairside manner,” Joe collaborates with you to sculpt a cut or enhance a color that you will wear with comfortable confidence. From consult to finish, Joe takes the time to create a style that is unique to you—and as unique as you. Instagram

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Marlene Flaton hairstylist NYC. Curly hair specialist creating fun wearable cuts. Natural approach to hair, less is more.  Visit her at Fringe Hair Salon Lower East Side NY.

Marlene Flaton

Marlene expresses her San Francisco attitude by taking a more natural approach to hair. Whether it’s cut or color, edgy or subdued, she believes that less is more. She is a curly hair specialist with a dedicated following, and also creates clean, fun, and wearable cuts for straighter-haired clients. Instagram

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Laura Ortman hairstylist NYC. Timeless haircuts, tasteful highlights, and stylish bang shapings for hair that grows out well. Indigenous hairstylist. Musician. Composer.

Laura Ortman

Laura’s work as a stylist seamlessly incorporates her client’s requests, expectations, and vision. Her experience with and enthusiasm for both cuts and color inspire timeless haircuts, tasteful highlights, and stylish bang shapings—all of which grow out extraordinarily well. A proud member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, she has a BFA and is an acclaimed musician and composer. Instagram

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Sean Flynn hairdresser NYC. Fun custom color, shattered-texture razor fades, immaculate barber fades, curly hair stylist.

Sean Flynn

Hailing from sunny Miami Beach, Sean has been a Brooklyn resident for the past 11 years. He specializes in fun custom colors, shattered-texture razor cuts, immaculate barber fades, and curly hair of all kinds. He brings a unique and special edge to each service he provides! Instagram

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Jackie Rodriguez NYC hairstylist. From balayage blonde to mermaid-inspired pop color makeovers. Visit her on the Lower East Side at Fringe Hair Salon

Jackie Rodriguez

Jackie is a NYC native who is always learning and growing as an artist. She lives to do hair color—everything from natural balayage blonde to mermaid-inspired, pop color makeovers. A firm believer that a good haircut is the best accessory, Jackie wants to help you see the beauty she sees in the world—and in each of her clients. Instagram

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Ellie a master stylist and Redken Certified Colorist. Visit Ellie at Fringe Hair Salon NY.


After ten years of experience behind the chair, Ellie is driven to keep her skills sharp and her clients looking fresh as a Redken Certified Colorist and Master Stylist. Being here in NYC keeps Ellie energized in her work, as she draws from the constant inspiration of art, culture, and fashion. Ellie has an eye for perfecting your customized look and believes a solid consultation is an important factor for successful results. Ellie’s specialities are hair painting with unique, skin-flattering tones, and cutting techniques that create movement. Instagram

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Chenoh an NYC hairstylist from California. Well-rounded stylist happy to collaborate on your vision and to share low-maintenance styling tricks. French New Wave hair, men's cuts NYC, painted highlights. editorial styling NYC, curly hair NYC. Fringe Hair Salon NYC, Manhattans Lower East Side.


Chenoh grew up on the coast of California and lived in Austin before relocating to NYC in 2017. A well-rounded stylist with over a decade of experience, she is happy to collaborate with you on your vision, and to share her low-maintenance styling tricks. She loves French New Wave (think Jean Seberg and Anna Karina), painted highlights, men’s cuts, editorial styling, and curly hair—to name a few. Not sure what you want? Stop in for a cup of tea and a consultation, and she’ll walk you through the possibilities. Instagram

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Nani hairstylist at Fringe Hair Salon NY. Comic book style, bright vivid hair color and balayage to bring out the best in every individual.


For Brooklyn Native Nani, hair is life. With her quirky “comic book” style, Nani has a knack for making bright vivids appear natural and lived-in, while still standing out. Nani also specializes in hand painting and balayage, without sticking to any cookie cutter approach. Nani’s customized styles bring out the best in every individual.

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Katie Headshot.jpeg


The ability to change someone’s day from a bad one to a good one is the reason Katie loves being behind the chair. Katie approaches clients with kindness, compassion, empathy, and creativity. Teaching clients to embrace and love their natural texture is her specialty and what she loves doing most!

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